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Before extending to you, my promise, my Unprecedented Pledge and my "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" so to speak, I need to take just a minute to express to you, my core belief on elected officials, and why I believe my promise, and more importantly, my Pledge and Guarantee, are so important. I sincerely hope you'll take a minute to first understand why, then, I urge you to be sure to see my promise, and my unprecedented pledge & guarantee below. 


Looking Closely - You'll Discover

The Sad Duplicity of Many Elected Officials

My Core Belief on Elected Officials

Have you ever known an elected official who, when campaigning for office, did NOT talk about "serving"?, or "making a difference"? 

I am fairly certain your response to this, is: "Of course not!"... 

Now, of those elected:

  • How many can you name that have truly served the residents?

  • How many actually fulfilled their promises? Or even made an effort to? 

  • How many would you say have truly made a difference?

  • Do you believe our current Mayor has truly served residents? Has he actually made a measurable, tangible difference for Decatur?

Election after election, it seems residents continue to be disappointed, frustrated, and even angry. All too often, at the end of the day, the residents who elect these officials find things are really no better at all. And, often enough, we find ourselves even worse off as we're left holding the bag and paying to clean up after their mess!

Sad as it is, one thing I have undoubtedly learned in my many years of watching over government, at every level, is that "talk is cheap."  Words and promises most often mean nothing, and equate to little more than empty rhetoric.  Election after election and nothing ever seems to change!  It's always the same old circus, only different clowns!


The ugly truth is that most who run for office do NOT really seek "to serve" - they do NOT really seek "to make a difference" - no matter how nice their speeches are, or how much they smile at us. At the end of the day, the top three reasons that most politicians run for office, is Power, Prestige and Pecuniary (monetary) benefits.  


So, how can you tell those who are sincere about serving and making a real difference, from those who seek only power, prestige and pecuniary benefits?  

I believe NOTHING could be more telling of what we can REALLY expect from our next Mayor than a tested and PROVEN TRACK RECORD of FULFILLED PROMISES, and of truly serving residents

As a former Mayor and City Councilman, one of the many promises I made (and fulfilled) to residents was a sort of "code of conduct" that as you will see many, many past residents and others will tell you, I faithfully adhered to.

Today, having spent the last two years, watching the activity of our city council, as well as those of our current Mayor, Tab Bowling, I continue to find myself quite bothered by the behavior, actions, inactions, and the appearance of secrecy displayed by Mayor Bowling. And, as I have come to learn, I am NOT alone! Hundreds of Decatur residents have reached out to me personally, or via the Decatur Watchdogs - Citizens for a Better Decatur platform, expressing the very same concerns! 

Again, and again, I, along with hundreds of other residents, have found Mayor Bowling's refusal to publicly address important issues, his refusal to speak to the public about issues affecting our health and well-being, his intentional secrecy and his attempts to cleverly evade answering important questions to be be entirely disrespectful, disingenuous, and cause for great concern! 


Here Is My Promise To You!

If elected to be Mayor for Decatur, I promise (and guarantee) the following to ALL residents of Decatur:

  • I will NEVER withhold information from residents!

  • I will NEVER operate in secrecy!

  • Residents will NEVER feel like they are not respected, or be slighted in any way!

  • I WILL bring an entirely new level of truth, transparency, and accountability to our City Council

  • I will ALWAYS put residents, and their best interests, first and foremost!

  • I will ALWAYS be mindful that "leading" means "serving" and will I fulfill my role of Mayor accordingly!



My Unprecedented Pledge & "Guarantee"  






As a resident, as a taxpayer, as a decade-long Government Watchdog, and even as a former Mayor and City Councilman, I have always maintained that residents should not have to wait until the end of a 4-year term, to "vote-out" an elected official who does not faithfully work to fulfill promises and diligently pursue the fulfillment of their duties.

And, while Alabama law does not allow for the recall & removal of elected officials - I believe it should!

I believe that any elected official who claims to serve and represent the best interests of those who elect them, should willingly step-down from that office if asked to do so by those that he/she is elected to represent.

That being my sincere belief, here is my pledge to you:

"If Decatur residents ever feel that I, as Mayor, am not living up to my promises - If residents ever feel they no longer have confidence in my my attitude, my abilities, or the way in which Decatur is being governed during my term in office, I pledge to willingly honor a Recall Petition, and voluntarily step-down and resign from office. 

If, at any time during my term in office, 3/5 (60 percent) of Decatur voters petition requesting that I step-down and resign from office – I pledge to voluntarily do so."

For a Better Decatur,

Paul Serwatka

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Paul Serwatka

"Putting Residents FIRST"



"Paying it Forward"

 to Decatur Residents

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2 Special Announcements Coming Soon!

-  Stay Tuned!  -

I have a specific plan to "Pay it Forward" to the residents of Decatur, that I WILL implement as Mayor. This plan - which includes contributing a significant portion of my Mayoral salary towards the betterment of Decatur - will be announced at a later date.

As a Decatur resident, YOUR input will play an important part in how my plan to Pay it Forward will be implemented. The more input we have, the better! 

Be sure to sign-up for the "A Better Decatur" e-Newsletter to receive updates, so we can keep you "up-to-speed" on things, and so you can be sure to give YOUR input when the time comes.

Simply visit the "Join Us" page and fill out the contact form to signup and to see how else you can join the cause.

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